• Sold
  • Carat Weight: 5.46
  • Color Grade: Violetish Blue
  • Shape: Triangular Modified Brilliant
  • Clarity: n/a
  • Measurements: 10.62 x 10.99 x 7.49 mm
  • Polish: n/a
  • Symmetry: n/a
  • Depth: n/a
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  • Inventory Number: DSCN4544

5.46 Carat Tanzanite Necklace, Triangular Modified Brilliant Cut

The centerpiece of this necklace is a magnificent 5.46 carat tanzanite. The gem cutter chose a triangular shape with a modified brilliant cutting style to bring out the rich azure tones to this fantastic gemstone. As the colors dim and sparkle when turned in the light it almost looks like rippling velvet. 

Tanzanite is a rare gemstone named as such because it is found in only a single commercially important mineral deposit which is located in northern Tanzania. It was not discovered in large quantities until the 1960’s making a relatively newcomer to the gem market. In that short time however, it has become increasingly popular and continues to see an upward trend in sales.