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The company is not an investment advisor nor are they licensed to give investment advice. The company assumes that all buyers acquire colored diamonds for collectible and jewelry purposes as well as the long-term potential of the market. It is advised to contact a qualified advisor before entering into the colored diamond market.

You are solely responsible to pay all customs fees on anything shipped outside of the United States. You are solely responsible for understanding and complying with your local customs laws, duties, regulations and restrictions.

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Prices paid by the client will likely be higher than those paid at the dealer to dealer level. The company has the right to accept or refuse purchase or sale instructions from its clients at any time whenever the company, at its sole discretion, deems it necessary for its own protection. Colored diamonds are a long-term holding of at least 10 years and are subject to price fluctuations. The company cannot guarantee that past performance of colored diamonds will continue in the future and that a colored diamond purchased from the company will provide a net gain. They are not as liquid as some collectibles. They are not necessarily appropriate for every individual.

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A re-stocking fee of up to 25% may be charged upon taking clients goods back into inventory less than five years after purchase due to the cost of operations and margins on all goods.

The company only purchases diamonds through the most respected suppliers in the trade who only practice the standards established by the Kimberley Process, an international system that ensures diamonds are sourced from non-conflict zones around the world. All suppliers verify in writing the stones are from non-conflict zones and every order verifies that said diamonds are from non-conflict zones.

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The company reserves the right to limit quantities. All orders from the company may be returned within thirty days of accepting delivery for a full refund. If you are not one hundred percent satisfied, the company will send you a refund request form to be filled out and signed. Once we receive the completed request form, we will refund the purchase price. You can contact the company for a refund request form.

All returns must have the original copy of the matching and/or identifying certificate(s). Returns not accompanied by all of their original documentation will not be honored. All diamonds must be in original condition without having been altered in any way. The diamond must not have been worn, mounted, or altered in any way.

The company will refund the purchase price of the diamond returned within the time limit and manner specified above.