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  • Carat Weight: 0.45
  • Color Grade: Fancy Intense Orangy Pink
  • Shape: Cut-Cornered Rectangular Mixed Cut
  • Clarity: SI2
  • Measurements: 4.93 x 3.82 x 2.62
  • Polish: Very Good
  • Symmetry: Good
  • Depth: 68.5%
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  • Inventory Number: 15PK43

0.45 Carat Fancy Intense Orangy Pink, Cut-Cornered Rectangular Cut

A stunning 0.45 carat, Fancy Intense Orangy Pink Cut-Cornered Rectangular cut diamond. The cutter wisely chose this Cut-Cornered shape to accentuate the dazzling rich shades of pink. The facets towards the center of the table have a paler almost bubblegum hue, which contrast beautifully with the darker shades that almost turn maroon along the crown. In between these shades, bits of orange blend to combine the sharp bright and dark facets. On top of having a stunning color, and a great size (just shy of half a carat), this diamond has a coveted polish rating of ‘Very Good’ just a single step away from a perfect rating. A fantastic addition to a collection.

Pink diamonds are extremely rare, the small supply is ever shrinking as collectors hold onto stones, and they don’t appear again in the market for years. The Argyle mine in western Australia is the primary source of pink diamonds, with it’s impending closure, the majority of the pink supply will be diminished. When pink diamonds such as this appear at private sale, they’re quickly purchased and tucked away, as savvy collectors plan for the future.

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