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  • Carat Weight: 0.42
  • Color Grade: Fancy Intense Bluish Green
  • Shape: Cut-Cornered Square Mixed
  • Clarity: SI1
  • Measurements: 4.19 x 4.16 x 2.57
  • Polish: Excellent
  • Symmetry: Good
  • Depth: 61.8%
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  • Inventory Number: GR 5266

0.42 Carat Fancy Intense Bluish Green Diamond, Cut-Cornered Square Mixed Cut, SI1 Clarity

A dazzling 0.42 carat Fancy Intense Bluish Green diamond, wisely shaped into a Cut-Cornered Mixed Square. The pale blues and deep greens of this diamond blend well together, giving the facets a mixed aqua hue from darker deep ocean facets along the edges to the brighter, pale cerulean that dots parts of the table. While already rare and sought after, the polish rating of excellent (a grade that is second to none) puts this diamond over the top.

At the private and auction levels, rare green diamonds are appearing more and more. When they do appear, they command notable prices and most often they are among the most expensive stones in a given auction. Collectors in the know are using this period of increasing demand to acquire Green diamonds before they reach an even higher demand and become extremely unattainable. This rarity and sought after attitude is even more present among excellent examples of Blue-Green diamonds such as this.