• Sold
  • Carat Weight: 0.37
  • Color Grade: Fancy Intense Pinkish Purple
  • Shape: Pear Modified Brilliant
  • Clarity: n/a
  • Measurements: 5.46 x 3.68 x 2.35
  • Polish: n/a
  • Symmetry: n/a
  • Depth: n/a
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  • Inventory Number: 15PRP04

0.37 Carat Fancy Intense Pinkish Purple Diamond, Pear Modified Brilliant Cut

A 0.37 carat Fancy Intense Pinkish Purple modified brilliant pear cut diamond. This rounded stone is full of rich purple hues. The flower-like colors dazzle when the stone is turned in the light and would look fantastic on a ring. Paler almost lilac facets contrast beautifully with rich violet tones across the diamonds surface.

Purple diamonds, especially true purples such as this stone are extremely rare. While a stone of this near half a carat size might be considered small for some colors, these diamonds are so rare that all sizes are highly sought after. Savvy collectors snatch stones like this up whenever they can. Few mines produce purple diamonds and as they close and slow production this already rare color will become near impossible to source making them extremely valuable as time goes on.

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