The AIDC Diamond Quarterly offers extensive reports and surveys on important aspects of the rare colored diamond market. Our in-depth reports focus on critical areas of the market, such as long-term supply ramifications in the diamond market, an analysis of the most important demand factors at the auction, retail and dealer level and important trends in the retail markets according to regional trends and future developments.

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Diamond Quarterly #132

The Rarity and Value in Alternative Colored Diamonds The colored diamond market has come a long way in the last decade.  From a specialized niche market in the early 21st century to one of the most important segments of the global diamond market, rare colored diamonds have gained recognition as the most valuable gemstone on […]

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Diamond Quarterly #131

The Growth of Colored Diamond Sales at Auction From large blue diamond’s selling for over $10 million to rare Argyle Pink diamonds achieving prices of hundreds of thousands of dollars per carat, colored diamond sales have become one of the most recognized revenue generating assets at the major auction houses around the world. As you […]

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Diamond Quarterly #130

Report on the Global Diamond Market from IDEX At the heart of all of the offerings is the expectation that diamonds, from 1 carat whites to high-end fancies, will continue to see increased demand around the globe; some will see increasing demand slowly, beating inflation, while others are expected to see strong activity as supply […]

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Diamond Quarterly #129

Buying Valuable Yellow Diamonds as Sales Continue to Rise Colored diamonds are continuing to climb in value as the market realizes that the supply is dwindling. From record sales at the major auction houses to strong sales at major jewelers, colored diamonds are becoming an important component of the diamond market and have taken the […]

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