The AIDC Diamond Quarterly offers extensive reports and surveys on important aspects of the rare colored diamond market. Our in-depth reports focus on critical areas of the market, such as long-term supply ramifications in the diamond market, an analysis of the most important demand factors at the auction, retail and dealer level and important trends in the retail markets according to regional trends and future developments.

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Diamond Quarterly #136

Diamond Investment Program Forget about stocks, bonds and savings accounts, one of the smartest ways to save for your child’s future is by investing in diamonds, a stone proven to be an inflation-fighting commodity, according to Fusion Alternative, a firm that specializes in diamond investments. Many financial analysts have even referred to diamonds as the next gold […]

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Diamond Quarterly #135

Rock-Solid Assets Not just for sparkle and shine, diamonds are proving a shrewd investment. HOW do you discreetly carry $100 million in your pocket? In the form of diamonds. A handful of top-quality stones can be worth that much or more. Take, for instance, the Oppenheimer, a 14.6-carat fancy vivid-blue diamond of approximately the size […]

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Diamond Quarterly #134

Blue Diamonds Blue Diamonds have become celebrities on the auction scene with all the attendant fame. The fanfare continues this month with an 8.01-carat fancy vivid blue diamond ring by Cartier, named The Sky Blue Diamond, set to be auctioned at Sotheby’s Geneva. But what accounts for the soaring interest and stratospheric prices that these […]

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Diamond Quarterly #133

Acquiring & Valuing Rare Colored Diamonds The majority of people will say that they were unaware that diamonds came in any form other than in clear diamonds. In fact, diamonds come in every color of the rainbow. Natural colored diamonds are extremely rare, extremely beautiful and extremely valuable. One of the most important things about […]

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