Nizam Peters

Rough Diamond Specialist

At the age of sixteen Mr. Peters was studying painting and sculptor at the University of Perugia in Italy. By the age of twenty one he had obtained diamond training through residency at numerous factories and from individual master diamond cutters in South America, Europe and North America.

Mr. Nizam Peters founder and director of the American Institute of Diamond Cutting, Inc. He has spent over thirty five productive years in the diamond industry. His experience extends to field operations in the mining, recovery, and purchasing of rough diamonds both in the industrial and gem quality sector.

Mr. Peters has spent many years in developing technologically advanced diamond cutting machines in which he has been granted international patents. He is a master diamond cutter, versed in all aspects of diamond manufacturing and is a specialist in polishing fancy-cut and fancy-colored diamonds.

Mr. Peters spends a major part of his time consulting internationally for diamond companies at all levels of the industry, including the setting up of diamond cutting factories and rough diamond buying offices.