The Direct Diamond Source for Sophisticated Collectors and Investors.

AIDC Advantage Corp. is the marketing arm of the American Institute of Diamond Cutting. We have over 30 years of experience working with colored diamond rough from around the world – teaching grading, cutting and polishing to the industry. With the growth of the colored diamond market, the firm has changed its venue from not only supplying dealers and retailers, but more importantly for the collectors/investors, dealing direct with private buyers in the acquisition of GIA certified Fancy Colored Diamonds.

The ability to participate in direct acquisition alleviates several layers of the market, with their associated price increases, in the supply chain.

We are unique in our envious position in that we have international network of contact that apprise us of the availability of rough uncut diamond material ahead of the competition and on a global basis.

Our vast experience and expertise in the rare colored diamond market are essential in understanding the grading process and ensuring out clients are buying the most valuable colored diamonds for your holdings.

Rare colored diamond have become one of the most important collectible holdings over the last decade, considered the most concentrated form of wealth in the world. AIDC Advantage is here to guide you in acquiring direct from the source, the most rare most sought-after diamonds in the market.